About Linux Course

If you want to learn about Linux, then RIOT Learning is the best option for you. We offer Linux
certification courses from Fundamental, Intermediate, to Advanced levels for Linux enthusiasts.
First, Linux courses are very much in demand because of the scope of job opportunities, and
secondly, anyone with a basic understanding of computers can enrol for them. So, if you
want to build a career in Linux, then Linux certification courses and linux industrial
are vital. Industrial professionals lead our courses to allow students to
understand the linux in-depth and gain practical knowledge as well.

Fundamental Course

About Course

  • Duration :-
  • 45 Days
  • Type of Program :-
  • Course/Industrial Training
  • Class Duration :-
  • 2 hrs per Day
  • Mode Of Training :-
  • Online/Offline
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Why is a Linux
Course Important ?

Many multinational companies are shifting towards Linux. Thus it has become important to learn Linux
skills for IT employees. The Linux certification course is important for administrators, network
engineers or anyone who wants to build a career in Linux. The course makes you knowledgeable
about the operating system. It also teaches you how to use commands to operate
the system effectively.

Above all, the industrial training or linux summer training allow you to develop skills to use theory
in reality. You also get to understand functional and effective Linux applications
and tackle possible challenges.

Who Can
Join a Linux Course?

RIOT Learning is an educational initiative that makes it possible for everyone to enrol in courses and classroom training. The Linux certification course is ideal for you if you are eager enough to learn it and have a basic understanding of computers.

The course is available for:

  • Graduates and Postgraduates
  • 10+2 passed students
  • IT employees
  • Want to build a career in Linux.

Why Choose RIOT Learning?

RIOT Learning is one of the best options for the Linux certification course. Students get to learn from
some experienced and skilled industrial professionals. Along with quality education, you receive
career guidance as well. In addition, our certificate courses make students eligible
for various jobs and internships in Linux.

The Linux course makes it convenient for beginners to understand the concept in depth. We have
availability of all the required equipment. The Linux institutes have R&D labs and RIOT
Centre where students get access to all the technological requirements.

Course Offers

Job/Career Opportunities in Linux

Linux offers an extremely rewarding career path. Certified Linux professionals are highly in demand; most
recruiters look for employees with Linux skills. All these factors lead to stable and steady job
opportunities in Linux. In addition, completing Linux certification courses makes you eligible
for various internships and jobs.